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Service Excellence Standards

Here at the Centre for Housing and Support, we understand the important and vital role organisations like yours play in the sector, supporting people to increase or maintain their independence. It is with this in mind, that we have continued to develop and maintain a set of Standards to help you not only demonstrate the value of your services, but to help measure the quality and outcomes for your customers.

Service Excellence Standards


Accreditation to the Service Excellence Standards provide organisations with:

  • A clear set of expectations to demonstrate quality services, developed by the sector and backed by government
  • An independent Accreditation to verify the quality of the services you provide
  • Accreditation at four levels from Policy Ready to outstanding – achievement progression that supports organisations such as yours to continuously improve services
  • Reassurance and evidence that your staff are knowledgeable, trained and supported to provide care and support services
  • A focus on the positive outcomes experienced by customers using the housing, care or support services you provide.

Why choose Accreditation through the CHS?

Simple, CHS has been pivotal in promoting the importance of quality professional services within the support sector. We were the first organisation to develop a set of Standards in 1993, honing and developing our knowledge and expertise, we have been able to offer providers like you a relevant and robust framework for the last 25 years.

We are well known, and take pride, in our flexible and supportive approach to working with providers. Using independent Assessors with the relevant knowledge and expertise to undertake considered and open assessments.

Our work is developed with and backed by the sector.

The Standards

The standards have been reviewed during 2017 and all providers will be assessed against the Core Standards and Documentation Requirements.  In addition, bolt on standards are available for Accommodation and we are piloting Volunteer standards.  Further details can be found here. What are the Standards?

The Process

CHS have reviewed the process in the last few years and have removed the requirement to compile a staff intensive portfolio of evidence and have developed a new system that allows organisations to achieve accreditation within 6 months of registering, whilst at the same time ensuring a rigorous on-site verification.  Further details can be found here. The Assessment Process

Regional Events

CHS will be explaining the standards and accreditation at regional events during 2018.  If you are interested in attending an event, please complete the form below or email

Service Excellence Standards Accredited Organisations
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Service Excellence Standards Merchandise
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