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Assessment Process

Assessment Process

Assessment Process

CHS has been working closely with providers to develop an assessment process that remains robust, without the need to commit staff resources to compiling a portfolio of evidence.


  • Cost saving – both in terms of the cost to register and achieve the SES and in the organisation’s own on-costs, as more often than not gathering evidence in support of the Standards takes people away from their own jobs
  • Complementary to service delivery – assessment built around existing activities/priorities
  • Quick win – organisations can achieve independent accreditation within 3 months
  • Independent review of the organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • A confidential report to highlight improvements and actions to achieve higher levels

What the verification process will ‘look like’

The new process will be more like a service-audit, although we would still retain our partnership approach with providers. Your Assessor will work with you to develop and plan a suitable assessment approach in order to gather evidence that would support achievement against the Standards.

The Assessor would look to utilise as many ‘ordinary’ activities as possible, i.e. staff meetings, board meetings, resident forums, etc. however, additional activities may need to be developed to ensure a fair and robust assessment.

Achievement would be awarded based on evidence seen/gathered by the Assessor using a varied methodology, including:

  • Attending existing events, i.e. staff meetings, board meetings, resident meetings, etc.
  • On-site visits
  • Discussions with staff – face-to-face and/or over the telephone/e-mail
  • Discussions with clients – face-to-face and/or over the telephone/e-mail
  • Job shadowing
  • Discussions with key stakeholders – face-to-face and/or over the telephone/e-mail
  • ‘Virtual’ information gathering by the Assessor, i.e. a basic website search of the organisation, access to Intranet where appropriate

Whilst the main focus will be on Assessors experiencing evidence, we can’t totally eliminate the need to provide some evidence in advance – but this will be as requested by the Assessor.

 What you need to do to prepare

  • Carry out a self-assessment of your services against the Standards – this will not involve producing evidence, it’s more to indicate to your Assessor what level you think the service is performing at
  • Staff continue to complete the staff workbooks – this will provide a really useful narrative for your Assessor as part of their assessment, and will also be a valuable support tool for staff if they are chosen as part of any assessment activity.
  • Continue to keep your staff and customers informed about the Standards and the assessment activities
  • Provide in advance of any assessment, a completed Introductory Statement as this will outline the basic details about the service, delivery, staff, etc.
  • Continue to liaise with your Assessor to help plan assessment activities

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