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    Qualifications and training courses for sheltered and supported housing staff and managers

    Qualifications and training courses for sheltered and supported housing staff and managersClick for a list of our qualification courses

    If you are looking for a housing-related qualification to increase your knowledge, help you to provide better outcomes for the people you work with, improve your prospects and boost your career, you have found the right place.

    The Centre for Housing and Support is at the forefront of national training provision for professionals working in Housing and Housing-related Support services.

    We offer an unrivalled portfolio of housing-related educational services and professional development opportunities via nationally recognised Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications validated by the Chartered Institute of Housing and City & Guilds, right up to our own Foundation Degree courses in Housing and Independent Living, both validated by the University of Plymouth.

    You can also find here, many other qualification opportunities including Intermediate Apprenticeships in Housing at Level 2 and Advanced Apprenticeships in Housing at Level 3. We also offer Level 2 Apprenticeships in Business and Administration and Housing Maintenance. The CHS is the largest provider of Apprenticeships in Housing in England.

    Courses on other subjects include Supporting Homeless People, Awareness of Dementia and Dementia Care, Telecare Services and Supporting Users of Technology-Enabled Care Services. Many of our courses can be delivered by both Flexible and Distance Learning.

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    See the drop-down 'Quick Find...' list at top right for all the qualification courses we currently have scheduled, or see the complete list of our qualification courses and a list of the one-day courses we can run in-house.

    Other CHS services include:

    Jobs from the CHS

    Now, we not only provide you with training and qualification opportunities, we can also help you find a first, new or better job in Housing-related Support. We can also help employers to find the right staff to fill vacancies. Today there are over 1,000 Housing jobs on this website. Click here to find out more.

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